The Mind Orchestra is a Musical Collective that make their music using Online sessions & File Sharing. Nick Gent the founding member of the Group, realised making music in this way had the power to transcend obstacles and problems that often stand in the way of creativity, and free expression of people and their visions.

They launched their 19 track debut album ''Devoured by the Comfort Zone'' back in late 2014, and released it using Creative Commons Licencing. Nick already an exponent of Free Music Culture and perspective, decided that the Mind Orchestra's music would always be shared and given freely, because the most important thing is the music itself and how it inspires and creates oneness. 30 people from around the world contributed musically to the album, from different continents  cultures and ages, fusing together their musical cultures and feelings into Nicks Songs. 

The album took three years on and off to put together, and still to this date for an independently produced album on the Internet its one of the largest projects of its kind. The Mind Orchestra had a creative commons number 1 hit with Nomad, and the album has had well over one million downloads globally since its release.

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The Mind Orchestra are currently working on their follow up Second Album called '' The Ten Emotions'' set for release early 2017. 

They believe that Independent artists that share their work freely for all to listen and appreciate and use, should not mean that the artists should or have to forgo the right to earn a living from what they do, or at very least their work. They see a more Holistic- centered world and Industry, where both Listeners and  Music Makers share in the abundance of creativity and create a harmonious loop. 








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